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Dutcher Crossing

WINEMAKER Nick Briggs' winemaking roots run deep throughout California, and a journey that started when he was 16 working in cellars. Nick's resume includes producing some of Napa Valley’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon from the most sought after vineyards in the world. 


At Dutcher Crossing his winemaking talents are on full display starting with their sustainable farming practices which compliment the winery's commitment to good land stewardship. Come hear why Forbes, Food & Wine, Robb Report and others keep writing about this winery and taste wines that stay true to the vineyard, vintage, and varietal


2019 Bacigalupi Vineyard Chardonnay
2019 Cut Root Vineyard Pinot Noir 
2019 Maple Vineyard Zinfandel
2017 Cooney Reserve
Surprise Red Wine from Nick!

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