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Trefethen Winery 

3rd Generation Vintner Lorenzo Trefethen of Trefethen Family Vineyards from Napa Valley came down to taste us through 5 of their estate-grown wines, each brimming with exceptional flavor and rich story. 

"Every wine of theirs I've tried has been impressive with freshness, balance and beauty. I met Lorenzo when we interviewed him for our first book Drive Through Napa Valley in 2019. He immediately drew us in with his genuine kindness. His pride in the family business, love for the Oak Knoll region where their vineyards and winery reside, extraordinary knowledge, and charm of a friendly neighbor make him one of my favorite people in Napa. "  - Naushad Huda

Pioneers in the Napa Valley, the Trefethen family are champions of estate grown wines. For three generations, they have carefully tended to their land, employees, and customers, building a loyal following for their legacy of fine, age-worthy wines with a deep integrity of place.​

Full of creative energy and known for his infectious laugh, Lorenzo believes in the power of wine to bring people together. Growing up, the family table was often full of interesting visitors to the Napa Valley, and as an undergraduate at Stanford, he took over instruction of the French Department’s wine tasting course.


These early experiences of uniting people around wine inspired Lorenzo to make a life in the family business. Curious and gregarious, he connects the winery with new audiences and ideas from outside the world of wine. Together with his sister Hailey, Lorenzo represents the next generation of the Trefethen family, passionate to uphold a legacy of world-class estate grown wines.


2022 Dry Riesling
2021 Estate Chardonnay 

2020 Estate Cabernet Franc - Winery Only

2019 Dragon's Tooth Red Blend (95pt)
2020 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 

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