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Unlock the secrets of the world's finest sparkling wines in an unforgettable educational and blind tastin journey through our Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava.


Let us curate an evening of refined indulgence as we delve into the distinctive nuances of each sparkling. Guided by certified sommelier, sharpen your senses and expand your palate as you explore the unique flavors, aromas, and characteristics of these prestigious libations.


Pricing is per person and can adjust for wines that are more expensive. 

Miniumum number of guests: 6

Bubbly Blind Tasting

    • White glove concierge service 
    • Certified Sommelier (Level 2 and above)
    • 4 sparkling wines (2 champagnes, 1 Prosecco and 1 Cava)
      • number of bottles of each determined by number of guests
    • All glassware 
    • Tasting sheet
    • Liability Insurance
  • Our Sommelier have deep wine knowledege and presentation experience, and present in casual, down to earth style that is flexible to the vibe of your event. 

    We leave room in the agenda for your guests to converse among themseles and enjoy their time together. 

    We'll work out the final details with you that match your style but here's a sample agenda;

    • Introduction to each style of sparkling. 
    • Blind tasting of the sparklings and discussion 
    •  Group voting on their favorite 
    • Revealing of the bottles 
    • Rejoice! 

    The total runtime is 90 minutes andcan be flexible to fit your event. 

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