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Grateful to have winemaker and vintner Edgar Torres come down to share his new luxury collection of wines: SONGS. This project is very personal and close to Edgar and his family. We're thrilled to hear the stories behind these wines and taste them with Edgar.   

We're excited to have winemaker of Bodega de Edgar back for another visit, but this time he's bringing something new -- born from his heart and a reflection of his grit, it's best said in his own words.


My name is Edgar Torres. I started making wine on my own back in 2007 in Paso Robles under the label, 'Bodega De Edgar '... but having my own label didn’t happen overnight. For several years prior to Bodega, I worked hard in cellars and wineries, saving what I'd earned, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and experience.


I'd work seven days a week, and I never turned down an opportunity to grow as a winemaker. By 2007, I was able to afford four barrels and could embark on my lifelong dream of making my own wine, my own way. I've come a long way since making those first 1,200 bottles, and I'm indebted to those in my 'la familia', and in my industry, who helped me grow to the point where I can finally return to my roots.

My Songs are testaments to that young man and his dream. Using only four barrels at most for each of the single varietal wines on this label, I am showcasing the grapes and the vineyards I believe possess the mystical ability to touch your soul the way they’ve touched mine.


Songs is a project that I hold very close to my heart and brings us back to the beginning. It is a celebration of music and the French varietals that started my winemaking journey. Each bottle is named after a song that is important to me and my family.


We believe that music and wine are similar in their ability to transport us to a moment in time.


2019 "Blessed & Free" Grenache ($85)

Blessed & Free by Kane Brown featuring H.E.R is an ode to finding hope and peace amid the struggles of hard times. When I listen to this song, it allows me to see the beauty in the struggle, and reminds me that the low points are the best opportunities to grow. Life is a journey, and I feel the most grateful when I learn of my own strength by having it tested. I know that no matter what happens, I’m still blessed and free.


2019 "I Got You" Syrah ($85)

I moved to the Cambria in the Central Coast when I was a young boy. It was a pivotal time in my youth and my emotions ranged from excited to frightened, and what many people don’t know is that I always had a constant in my life, Erika. She’s my wife and mother of my son Evan now, but we actually met as kids and she has been a part of my life ever since. It wasn’t until high school when we began dating, and one of those dates was to a Jack Johnson concert in Santa Barbara. We decided during our college years to follow our own paths, trusting fate to reunite us if that was our path. Happily, it was, and I would be completely lost without her in my life. When she was pregnant with Evan, we would listen to the Jack Johnson album “From Here to you Now” on repeat. Evan took his time coming into this world, and I can’t tell you how many times we listened to our song, “I Got You” during those 36 hours of labor. Erika’s favorite wine has always been Syrah, so this one is dedicated to her. Erika– “I Got You”


2019 "Cat's in the Cradle" Cabernet Franc ($85)

Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle'' strikes a chord with young and old alike. Presented as a series of dialogues between a man and his son, the verses allow us to watch them age without ever quite connecting. When the son is young, the father can’t find the time to raise him, being busy with work, but despite the distance, the son clearly admires the father, saying “I’m gonna be just like you dad”. By the end of the song, the father is old and retired, longing to spend time with his son– who, in fact, has followed in this father’s footsteps and became just like him–too busy to spend time with his old man.


Cab Franc is the parent grape to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and many others. It’s a very site-specific grape, producing vastly different wines from different regions, and shows incredible grace and complexity. But like any good parent, it ends up spending most of its efforts helping its kids along in life. In Bordeaux, it is often blended in small amounts with its offspring, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, to fill in their deficits. As a standalone varietal, it is as interesting to somms as it is overlooked by consumers. I want to bring this grape into the mainstream where it belongs.


2019 "Don't call it a Comeback" Merlot ($85)

Thirty years ago, critics and fans felt like LL Cool J was disconnected from the current state of hip-hop. While some artists may have been crippled by negativity, LL used it as the impetus to grind even harder. He perfected his sound and doubled down on his unique style that the haters couldn’t understand with his fourth album, “Momma Said Knock You Out”. LL begins the eponymous track with the line “Don’t call it a comeback!” which definitively sets the tone for both the track and the album. He was able to create a place for timeless and classic hip-hop to shine, unapologetically, and his work lifted the culture of the day and continues to be one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time.


2018 "El Rey" Cabernet Sauvignon ($100)

El Rey is a classic song performed by the legendary Vicente Fernandez, the Frank Sinatra of Mexico. The song is about a king who has fallen from power and influence, but never loses his confidence, and won’t allow himself to believe he’s anything less than royal. The world around him can crumble and fail him, but his indomitable spirit will always be his to keep. This song reminds me of growing up with my father, who always taught me that regardless of the many hardships we faced and would continue to face, we must always push forward with the confidence befitting a true king.

Sep 07, 2023, 6:30 PM PDT
Cabana (previously Suenos)
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